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of the 24-year-old defensive tackle josh brent. the crash killed fellow teammate jerry brown. >> it appears that he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touch the outside of the curve of the service road. causing the vehicle to flip at least one time. officers believe that a alcohol was a contributing factor. he was asked to perform some surprise tests. >> support the test-test sobriety. >> the cowboys released a statement today saying the team is deeply saddened by the accident and brown's death. return to index ofpolice in kansas city have released the dashcam video of officers interacting with. chiefs linebacker jovan belcher early saturday morning just hours before he died. up behind belcher who was parked on the side of the road in his bentley. belcher appeared drunk and asleep so the officers pulled him out of the vehicle and talked to him. they eventually decide to let him go if he agreed to go inside the building he was parked outside of. police say that just a few hours later belcher killed his girlfriend kasandra perkins before heading to the chiefs stad
-sex marriages is on the list with many other cases concerning the federal defense of marriage at. friday will be the fourth time the marriage cases have been placed on the agenda. you may remember proposition a came after california supreme court ruled same-sex marriages were legal in the state in 2008. proposition 8 put an end to that practice. >> a federal judge is temporarily prohibiting the state from enforcing their first of its kind law that bars licensed there is from working to change the sexual orientation of a miners'. a u.s. district judge ruled last night that the first amendment right of mental health professionals were engaged in " reparative or conversion therapy outweigh concerns that the practice poses a danger to young people. the ban would take effect on january 1st. >> will take a quick break at 4:07. a look at highway 92 the san mateo bridge a different angle. on the far right hand side that will take you across the water to peninsula traffic. it is doing all right. we will be right back. we are back. 4:09. is the time. now for the check of the markets. stock start
to ban salvation army bell ringers from campus. we'll explain why. >> dallas cowboys defensive tackle josh brent taken into custody after a crash that killed one of his teammates. we'll have details on that investigation coming up. >> i'm marty gonzalez. ysabel duron is off today. we'll have more on our top stories in a moment. but first, let's get a quick check of your forecast with janu >> good morning. as for this afternoon, we will have sunny skies and warmer temperatures compared to yesterday with authorities. for this evening it is going to be cool inland. mostly clear we could see some fog again. taking a look at temperatures in the north bay. a bit warmer in the 50s. with mid 40's for the east bayshore as we go for the afternoon. we will get to the 60s mid-60s an antioch, livermore, 68 in oakland to. 54 in half moon bay fior59 in the santa rosa. and mid-60s fort san rafeal. your full forecast, coming up with mid- >> new this morning. police in antioch are investigating a homicide that took the life his home. kron four's mike pelton joins us live now from the antioch police dep
of fires still under investigation. authorities said the house is a total loss. >> george's simmons defense team are releasing a picture taken february 26th by police after trayvon martin was shot and killed. you can see the photo here. it shows a man with a bloody face. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the 17 girls death. he says that he was on a neighborhood patrol when martin attacked him and so he shot him in self-defense. zero men's lawyers says that this total supports his store. the trial is putting florida stand your ground lost to the test. zimmerman is expect to go on trial in june. >> facebook users have a week to vote on proposed changes to the social network in sight. among the things users will be voting on is the ability to vote on future privacy changes. facebook has also proposed and into public voting on these types of issues, and once the change to how users control locus in the messages. voting is open next monday at noon. facebook has put up a custom voting have power by a third-party come before this vote, and the results will be tallied by an independ
will start sunday. colin kaepernick took responsible for the loss afterwards. >> our defense played a great game. i -- i gave up those points on the score scoreboard for the rams. that is 100% my fault. >> tough one. we will have to bounce back very quickly. there is a football fight and we did not win it. >> yeah. raiders facing the browns that was bad. hadn't won in 13 games. almost two years on the road and the raiders were as bad as the y6mÑwomÑugly wet weather in as anybody knows. the coach leaves the team after the game for his ailing father. will be back by wednesday. meanwhile, weeden, 44-yard touchdown. 10-0 cleveland. carson palmer finds him, nice over the shoulder catch. 64 yards for the touchdown. 13-10. carson two touchdowns and a crucial interception coming right here in the 4th. kills the drive. raiders could have taken the lead on this drive. palmer a big mistake. 3-1/2 minutes to go and richardson waltzes in for the touchdown. 20-10. raiders fans let the team have it. they lose 20-17. 3-9, short week. they host denver on thursday night and that is it. we will see you late
. but he maintains the shooting was in self defense. n-b-c has not commented. >> michigan's legislature has passed a pair of controversial "right to work" bills. despite the protests of hundreds of workers and union advocates. reminiscent of the union demonstrations in wisconsin some months back, this was the scene at the michigan state capitol , while the vote was being taken today. the bills 'limit' workers rights to strike and to picket. also. membership and paying dues into the union, would not be a condition of employment. several protesters were arrested after police say, they tried to rush into secure areas of the building, and were lying on the floor. >>pam: same-sex couples line up in washington state. to apply for marriage licenses. that's because, as of 12:01 this morning, same-sex marriage became legal in the state. more than 200 couples were lined up at the county courthouse in seattle. a couple that had been together for 35-years, were first in line. >> "to be number one is really humbling, you know, because i think of all the people who have worked very hard and looked forwar
both prop 8 and the federal defense of marriage act. is significant because it suggests the ultimate ruling will have national implications . >> they see this as a historic moment so there are two cases that will allow every possible question that is in the mixture. >> many supreme court watchers believe justice anthony kennedy could be the deciding vote. but little says chief justice john robert could infact be >> chief justice's tend to look towards history wherever their position be? robert proved this in health care last year to offer the national care add up all the mandate. he will go down in history as the roberts court, not the committee court upholding that. i think he will see this as a similar issue. the cultural type seems to have turned. they are not immune to looking. >> many are creditingformer san francisco mayor gavin newsom is expressed his delight that the supreme court will take up the prop -8 case. >> in my lifetime, i would not expect that they would have the question that they had in front of him today which is extraordinary. it has only been eight years. we co
the defense of marriage act. kron 4 sedan kerman takes a look at what this all means. >> the u.s. supreme court decision. the initial challenge to proposition 8 was filed on behalf of two gay couples. when voters passed proposition 8 in 2008, when bay area couple filed a lawsuit, saying that the ban was unconstitutional and discriminatory. today they remain on the front line, saying that they want to continue to fight for equality. >> they see that this is a historic moment and this will allow them to decide every possible question. >> little says that chief justice could be pivotal in the decision. >> chief justice's tend to look at history. he prove this last term in the health-care issue. he will go down in history their i. he l see this as a similar issue. the cultural ties seems to have turned carry it they're not immune. >> the supreme court will take the proposition back- to-back. we will look for a decision sometime before next june. >> this is very important and this is not just for us but for kids and friendly people who do not even know the they need this yet. the couple has a
defense was not going to comment and she said it to our mom today was the best day of herbalife. >> she said she met the boy. it was not the you tube video that led to her are rest but her ex-husband recognized her in the surveillance. and she complained that the government stole her baby she makes a cradling gesture. records confirm that she lost custody child. the issue were the same outfit in the bank, her arrest, and the you tube video that could center down the tubes. cnn and coffeejeanne mos... >> coming up, much quieter than the yesterday's commute. with yesterday's fog, janu. >> good morning a. we are taking a look at the satellite and radar with high pressure building on the eastern pacific ridge. it will keep us rain-free. with that dense fog and breaks of sunshine for the afternoon and partly cloudy and cooler conditions. taking a look of fog tracker 4 still areas of dense fog but by 10:00 a.m. still some breaks of sunshine. and for the evening, some southern portions of the east bay shore in the east bay valley. a pretty nice start with vallejo, half moon bay. 56 in the sunn
note the supreme court has also agreed to review the federal defense of marriage act. legal experts say agreeing to review both cases is significant. >> it indicates that the court wants to indicate the entire ball of wax in one fell swoop. they are not looking to make a narrow ruling and keep this low level. these he this as a historic moment of there are two cases that will allow them to decide every possible question in the next. >> just the implications about this if they strike down proposition 8 and if the of hold it? >> if the pstrike down proposition 8 could have national implications. it will probably be have no impact, nationwide. >>pam: this is a conservative court and now people are speculating on what is going to happen and who could have the pivotal vote on this. many say that justice kennedy and also sang john robertson? >> that is correct. many say that kennedy is always the pivotal boat but in these cases of legal cases historical case is the chief justice looks at the legacy, the writing of the final ruling. historic in nature, with justice rehnquist, warren, both cons
was on neighborhood patrol in as he approached him.. he's claiming self- defense in a second degree murder case.. we will keep it dry. >> buckingham palace calls the news "delightful" -- and it's especially delightful for the british tabloids.... we learned today that the duchess of cambridge - prince william's wife - is pregnant. it's the most widely- anticipated royal pregnancy since princess diana's in 1981.... the british public loves prince william and his wife kate.. and almost from the moment they said 'i do' in april of last year ....speculation on recently it's been on overdrive.. tabloids noting that kate was drinking water instead of wine at state events.. or magazines insisting her microscopically less flat people in crowds handed over baby today - a statement confirmed the news.. the duchess of cambridge is that good news is tempered a bit by the fact she's in a london hospital with extreme morning sickness. this is the hospital.. this is the small photographers camped outside. photos showed the prince leaving after spending hours at her bedside. she's on an i-v - and might not be r
was on a neighborhood patrol when martin attacked him and so he shot him in self-defense. simmons' lawyer say the photos supports his story. the trial is planning for the stand your ground lost to the test. zimmerman is expect to go on trial in zoom. >> the judge overseeing the court-martial of an excuse for the shooter nidal a sign has been removed. a military appeals court ruled the judge was biased. remove invalidate the judge's order that hassan's beard be shaved. assange objected to the order with a number of appeals, citing religious freedom. aside face the death penalty if convicted in the attack that also injured more than two dozen people. >> 101 north down at the 87 all across the 87 traffic backed up on that over crossing as the minimum lights on. welcome back is a 20 9:00 a.m.. do not let the bright skies will use you can see the clouds--8:29. >> we are seeing light rain for portions of sonoma county. in along the coastline bodega bay contending with some light rain. it is more like a heavy drizzle that will continue throughout the day. it will pick up in intensity overnight and waking up to
. >> the kids here at p.s. 144q learn that the best defense against bullying can be summed up in one word -- empathy. >> it means, like, feeling someone's emotion even though they're not telling you, but, like, you can see it inside of them. >> so, like, you could have empathy for someone when they're being bullied. >> all: one...two...three... action! stop doing this to her. >> empathy. if each of us took that word to heart, there would be a lot fewer bullies. >> we'll be back with more "teen kids news" in just a few moments. >> stick with us. >> if you have ever had to spend time in a hospital, you know how the hours can drag on and on. eden has the story of one patient who turned that experience into something very positive. >> i came down the stairs at my house, and i felt a lot of discomfort and pain in my hip, and we went to the doctor, and he said i had to go to the hospital to get tests done. they weren't quite sure what it was. >> ray jr. was just four years old at the time. even when he was finally able to leave the hospital, he couldn't stop thinking about the other kids there.
soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. sunday forecast around the bay is pretty dryer for the next seven days. there's a slight chance of showers on wednesday but pretty nice weather for the weekend. sunday looks to be the warmest day coming up to the upper 60s for warmest and one spots. >> that was a genuine tool and die. the first family of flip the switch lighting the national christmas tree. the president and his family were joined by neil patrick harris who hosted the staring ceremony with a baby face and a james taylor and the fray as well as ledisi who is a eight bay area resident. the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes. ñç çoç5 (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news a man is
the. >> is this a concern? >> we always need to be concerned about high water in defense and what your activity. the low area, the russian river, people are used to seeing stages. but i do not think it is a major threat. but if you have any activities near the river you have to be weary that the flows are going to be high with a swift current. >> if you could compare this to a couple of years ago? is this difficult to deal with or is this moderate in comparison. chan were, of sex? >> it is very similar of january -- 06 -- >> rob, thank you so much for joining us. we want you to continue to breakingnews@kron.com photos from s f o delays were taking a fact and still are in effect is reporting up to 2 hour delays on a writing flights. because of the weather check with your carrier if you're going to the airport. and a is a reminder even on your photos breakingnews@kron.com e-mail your photos. and do not go down to the river to get a when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. depos
approached him.. he's claiming self- defense in a second degree murder case.. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.you might night know this but the way things are now you and i could basically buy a donation bin off the internet and set up shop there is no regulations or restrictions and there is no designation on whether it's for a chartiy or for profit and the way things are now you can pretty much drop the bin off where ever you choose with out fear however that may all be about to change, on a local level and possibly on a state level tonight on kron 4 news at 8 ill show you how your complaints have caught the ears of lawmakers and what changes are in the works in the next edition of people behaving badly ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. >> according to t-m-z hugh hefner is going to tie the knot. the 86-year-old founder of playboy... is engaged to the two plan on getting married at the playboy mansion on new year's eve. this isn't the first time t
defense. lysol. mission for health. a man is in critical condition this morning after falling from the upper deck of the oakland coliseum. it happened during the first 30 minutes of last night's raiders game. he fell 30 ft. into the concrete below. of employees are investigating but they believed was an accident. the u.s. supreme court is meeting behind closed doors to consider reviewing the challenge to california's proposition 8. if the court refuses to review the case same-sex marriage will be legal in california. same- sex couples could marry as soon as next week. the decision could come today or monday. the video coming into the kron4 knows room of a 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocking japan this morning. a shock around midnight pacific time. the united states coast guard says the earthquake hit about 200 mi. off the coast. the tsunami warning issued early this morning has since been called off. >> the 2012 is likely to become the warmest year record in the united states. 1998 currently holds the title. the first 11 months of this year have been a warm start to any year since the
traffic in central marin. the drive times is 39 minutes from 37 to the toll plaza. >> our defense played a great game. i gave up those points the were on the scoreboard for the rams. that is 100 percent my fault. >> a tough one we will have to bounce back quickly. there is a football fight and we did not win it. >> i do not understand gary they lose the game the 4960- 13kaepernick says that this is fog. hot moral seems more decisive in saying that he is going to start not alex smith and he did not do anything. >>harbaugh seems more decisive. in saying that he is going to start capper kaepernick . alex smith did not lose any games he was planning sabol caliber. it seems like to standard. -- superbowl caliber. let us put it this way if there big favorite at home this week against miami in yesterday's he may have had bad play near the end of the game. you could rationalize he made a 50 yd run that he played well enough for them to win. they got beat by 250 york field goals two long field goals. 250 yds. if you are harbaugh you cannot wait to see another three or four days to decide. basical
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